It's Alive! It's Alive! [0 Comments]
Posted by Michele on February 10 2008 02:51:48
The archive is, at last, finally updated. Fully, completely and totally uploaded.

That is all.

Oh yeah, hurrah!

I switched the default skin back to "Wandering Worlds." There's some spacing issues with the other one that I just didn't care for, so it won't default until that skin is fixed.

Archive Update [0 Comments]
Posted by Michele on January 28 2008 11:25:31
With 65 stories, the archive is not even to the halfway point at this time. Several of the remaining stories are huge novellas with more than ten chapters, so in order to get a firm basis of how much still has to be added, each chapter is considered a separate story.

Percent Uploaded: 44%

I've tasked myself with designing a few skins for the archive. The new default skin should be "EzFictionGlimpse" which features a banner of rotating images. Hitting refresh will load a new image.

I would advise visitors to only use "EzFictionGlimpse" and "WanderingWorlds" skins at this time. These are the only two skins that have been fully configured and customized for the archive.

Archive Rollout [1 Comments]
Posted by Michele on January 24 2008 11:26:58

I've begun the archive move, which is actually more of a relocation and upload. After some consideration, I decided it was easier to simply re-upload all my stories from the old Alternate Realities, rather than export the database and try to get it to import into a version that's two versions newer than my old eFiction archive.

This is both good news and bad news for the archive and my regular "viewers" (If there are any of you still out there.)

The Good News: I'm adding stories from my LiveJournal that never made it into the archive or got buried as "friends only" posts back when I was being twitchy and shy. In addition, I'll also be adding bits of original fiction (that I have no interest in trying to publish).

The Bad News: Older stories and older fics will take a while before finding their way home here. I'm moving fics according to date written (newest first) and number of hits on the fic at the old site.

I will, however, take special requests as well.

My goal is 10 fics a day. Don't get excited, I'm counting chapters as "fics," so multi-chaptered stories might take up a whole day, or might get broken up over days.